Posted on May 20, 2011


Toronto International Stereoscopic 3D Conference Speakers announced

What follows is a list of speakers by category.  CLICK HERE FOR PASSES AND TICKETS


- Honourable Michael Chan, Ontario Minister of Tourism & Culture
- Karen Thorne Stone, President and Chief Executive Officer, Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC).


- Wim Wenders, Germany, PINA
– Graeme Ferguson, Canada, IMAX 3D pioneer
– Catherine Owens, UK-USA, U23D
– Munro Ferguson, Canada, Stereo Lab NFB
– Ali Kazimi, Canada, Filmmaker, York University
– James Stewart, Canada, Geneva Films
– Pierre Abou Chacra, UAE, DMC
- Alan Goldman, Emily Carr University


- Don Carmody, Canada, Resident Evil: Afterlife
- Gian Piero Ringel, Germany, PINA
- Jonathan Barker, Canada, Bugs, Flight of the Butterflies
- Diane Woods, Canada, A Park for all Seasons

Stereographers / Cinematographers / Capture

- Paul Taylor, USA, Supervising Stereographer
- Peter Anderson – ASC, USA, DoP U23D
- Michael Verity, UK, Return to Fogo in 3D
- Aleksander Melkoumov,  Russia, Stereokino
- Florian Maier, Germany, Stereotech
- Brent Robinson, Canada
- Tim Dashwood, Canada, Stereo3D Unlimited
- Bill White, Founder 3DCC
- Eric Edmeades,  CEO Kerner

Post production / VFX experts

- Rob Burton, VP Technology Arc Productions
- Ken MacNeil, President Creative Post
- Matt Cahill, Post production supervisor Saw 3D
- Tom Burns, Director, Post-production Infrastructure Technicolor
- Dennis Berardi, President Mr. X Inc.
- Nick Iannelli, VP Post-production Deluxe
- Chris Wallace- Senior DI colorist
- Peter Armstrong- DI Manager
- Motassem Younes- Editor
- Nick Paulozza- Imaging Supervisor
- Gregor Hutchison- Post Supervisor

Science and Technology

- Samuel Zhou, VP Image Technology IMAX
- Steve Roberts, President EyeOn Eyeon
- Matt Cowan, Chief Scientific Officer RealD
- Carlos Vasquez,  Research Scientist CRC Advanced Video Systems
- Kevin Tuer,  Managing Director Canadian Digital Media Network and Vice-President Digital Media for Communitech
- Paul Salvini, Chief Technology Officer and VP Canadian Operations Side Effects Software Inc.

Visual and Media Artists

- Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard, UK – M.A.R.S.
- Marylou Tibaldo-Bongiorno & Jerome Bongiorno, USA, Capturing Cities in 3D
- Leila Sujir, Canada, Between 2 Breaths
- David Clark, Canada, Canada, Spaced Out: Immersive Game Technology in Real Spaces
- Maria Lantin, Emily Carr, Canada, Time and Space Manipulation in 3D
- William Le Maitre, Canada, Edia’s dividuals: the distributed self in digital space

Vision Researchers

- Rob Allison, York University, Canada, Perceptual artefacts in stereoscopic 3D film
- Laurie Wilcox, York University, Canada, The role of monocular regions in depth percepts from stereopsis
- Marty Banks, University of California, Berkeley USA Temporal Presentation Protocols in Stereo Display.
- Nicholas Wade, University of Dundee , UK, The experimental origins of cinema and stereo

Cinema Studies Scholars and Historians

- Thomas Elsaesser, Netherlands, The Return of 3D: Revolution, Retrenchment or Panic Reaction?
Philippe Mora, USA, The Search for 3D in the Third Reich
- Mike Zryd, York University, Canada, Dimensionality in an Expanded Plane: American Avant-Garde Cinema in the 1960s and 1970s
- Ron Burnett, Emily Carr, Canada, S3D Experimentation in Film, Animation, and Hybrid Forms
- Charles Acland, Concordia University, Canada, The Quiet Years of James Cameron
- Haidee Wasson, Concordia University, Canada, Film Technologies and Corporate Utopias: The Case of the New York World’s Fair (1939)
- Janine Marchessault, York University, Canada, Norman McLaren’s Total Cinema: 3D visions at the Festival of Britain
- David Harris Smith, York University, Canada, Immersive Cinema Innovation and the NFB
- Sanja Obradovic, York University, Canada, Developments in Stereo 3D as Nation-Building Projects

Posted on May 18, 2011

Discovery 2011, Ontario Projection: Advances in 3D

Ontario Centres of Excellence, in collaboration with FilmOntario, the S3D gaming Alliance, and 3D FLIC, is proud to present Ontario Projection: Advances in 3D, a collection of dynamic panels, speakers and exhibitor showcases around 3D technology and content at Discovery 11.

Held in the Discovery 3D theatre, Ontario Projection: Advances in 3D will provide attendees with a broad overview of 3D content production in Ontario, along with an in-depth look at current and future technology.

3D FLIC is screening stereoscopic footage from its research at booth 431 as part of York University’s showcases.

Attending for 3D FLIC: Nell Tenhaaf, Juana Awad, Robert Allison, Laurie Wilcox, Karim Benzaroual, Inna Tsirlin, Sidrah Laldin and Sanja Obradovic.

To register go HERE