Posted on June 23, 2015

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Bears release Ray McDonald after arrest in California

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) The Chicago Bears released defensive end Ray McDonald following a domestic violence arrest in Northern California that police say stemmed from an assault on a woman who was holding a baby.

McDonald was taken into custody Monday morning on suspicion of domestic violence and child endangerment, Santa Clara police Lt. Kurt Clarke said.

McDonald was released from jail after posting bail later Monday, pushing past TV cameras and reporters without answering questions as he got into a taxi.

Police did not disclose if the woman or the baby were injured.

The Chicago Bears released a statement Monday afternoon about the decision to let McDonald go.

believe in second chances, but when we signed Ray we were very clear what our expectations were if he was to remain a Bear, General Manager Ryan Pace said in the statement. was not able to meet the standard, and the decision was made to release him. guard Kyle Long quickly reacted to the move by tweeting riddance. signed McDonald to a one year contract in late March knowing it was a gamble given his history of legal issues.

Chairman George McCaskey even acknowledged at the time that he initially told Pace not to go after him. But McCaskey came away impressed from a face to face conversation that he described as candid, very forthright and after McDonald paid his way to Chicago.

McCaskey talked to McDonald parents but didn talk to any lawyers involved in McDonald cases or the accusers.

He cited a league investigation and said: alleged victim I think much like anybody else who has a bias in a situation there a certain amount of discounting what they have to say. But our personnel department had done its work looking into his background and the incidents and we had the benefit of two coaches who had been with him with the 49ers.

spoke with Vic Fangio
discount ray bans and came away very impressed with what Vic had to say about him, that he well liked by his teammates, by his coaches, his strong work ethic. That he considered a leader
replica ray bans on the field and speaking to Vic and Ray especially I was convinced that he sufficiently motivated to make this work. agent, Tom Condon, did not immediately return calls for comment Monday afternoon.

In December, the San Francisco 49ers released the 30 year old, citing a of poor decision making. letting him go late in the season, 49ers General Manager Trent Baalke said, demonstrated a pattern of poor decision making that has led to multiple distractions to this organization and this football team that really can no longer be tolerated. release from San Francisco came just a month after the Santa Clara County district attorney office announced it had declined to file charges against McDonald in a separate domestic violence investigation stemming from an arrest on Aug. 31 while celebrating his 30th birthday at his
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Prosecutors cited conflicting versions of what happened, a lack of verifiable eyewitnesses and a lack of cooperation by the alleged victim, McDonald fiancee, in explaining their decision not to pursue charges in the domestic violence investigation.

In March, McDonald filed a defamation lawsuit against a woman who had accused him of rape.

McDonald says security camera footage will show a consensual sexual encounter occurred in his hot tub. Police say the woman doesn recall any sexual encounters and reported blacking out after drinking alcohol and falling at McDonald home.

She said she went to police after waking up naked next to McDonald. The Santa Clara County district attorney is considering whether to file criminal charges.

McDonald had been signed by the 49ers through the 2015 season. He had three sacks in 14 games last year and had 19 1/2 sacks in eight seasons with the 49ers.

Seligman reported from Chicago. Andrew Dalton contributed to this story from Los Angeles.

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Posted on June 23, 2015

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Chelsea baker to health board

1, leaving Katz vowing to stop selling pastries rather than peddle what he calls "awful" tasting trans fat free baked goods.

He made the pastries the same way for years, starting the dough by mixing flour with a heaping mound of shortening, loaded with two and a half grams of trans fats per serving. In just a few weeks when the ban takes effect, the creamy white shortening will be contraband. And that when Katz dilemma begins, because the soon to be banned trans fats make his turnover dough taste good.

"No question the other stuff is much healthier for you, but this tastes better," said Katz, who still looks fit and trim for his 70 years. "But I don expect somebody to buy six turnovers and guzzle them down."

Public health experts from the city and Massachusetts General Hospital have been working with Chelsea restaurants and bakeries to prepare for the ban and help come up with alternatives without artificial trans fats. But Katz tried several kinds and they
discount ray bans all came up short.

"I made some dough, and I made it the same way I make everything else. I rested it and made turnovers from it, and they looked pretty good, but when you ate them they were awful," Katz said.

So awful that Katz is refusing to sell them without trans fats. Just what that means, though, is not so clear.

"Are you going to keep using them?" FOX Undercover reporter Mike Beaudet asked.

"That between me and God. God knows if I going to use it" he said with a smile.

Katz later said he follow the law, but is thinking about legal action of his own.

"It very, very aggravating to me, and I don know what to do. I just a small little guy trying to make a living and everything going up and my product list is going down because of what the city tells me," he said.

But Dr. Dean Xerras, a Chelsea board of health member, says the board took action because city residents have higher than average rates for obesity and associated problems like heart disease and diabetes.

"We actually don think it goes too far," he said. "Our intention was to help the health
cheap ray ban outlet of Chelsea and really improve the health outcomes of the residents of Chelsea."

Mass. General is part of a coalition of residents and officials working to improve the health of Chelsea residents, and helped craft the ban that was adopted.

Beaudet asked MGH Melissa Dimond, "getting rid of the turnovers at Katz Bagels will solve Chelsea obesity problem."

"Getting rid of artificial trans fat in all of the restaurant establishments will be absolutely part of the solution," Dimond said.

"Is Mr. Katz going to get hauled off for selling this stuff?" Beaudet asked.

"The intention is not for people to be punished. The intention is to help people comply," she said.

Octavio Restrepo, owner of Mario Bakery in Chelsea, says the ban is fine with him.

"The taste is good. The taste is not much different than the other one, but for our customers, it much better. One hundred percent better," he said.

But back at Katz bagels, some of his loyal customers don see it that way.

"The customers want a certain taste, and if it doesn taste as good, there no use making it," said Ray McDonald, who sometimes buys from Katz two or three times a week. "I just think that it ridiculous that the government believes they should impose whatever
cheap ray bans rule they want on small businesses."

Inside the bakery, Katz is proud to show off the apple turnovers coming out of the oven, the crust made flaky in a way that only partially hydrogenated shortening can do.

"That what this type of shortening
fake ray bans does," he said, flaking off the cooked dough with a knife. "The other shortening, you can get this type of crust with it."

Boston, Needham and Lynn have already passed trans fat bans in Massachusetts as has New York City and the state of California. But Chelsea ban goes farther than many others by banning all trans fats while other bans allow a fraction of a serving.Articles Connexes:

Posted on June 23, 2015

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If pilots will be using iPads in the cockpit

Pilots will soon be using iPads when in the cockpit, but passengers still have to power down their electronics during takeoffs and landings.When American Airlines tweeted its pilots will use iPads instead of flight manuals during taxi, takeoff and landing, some passengers got their hopes
replica ray bans up that they too, could use electronics."It makes it easy
discount ray bans to travel and do work and listen to music and do everything," said traveler Kyle Bates.The Federal Aviation Administration is reconsidering its ban
fake ray bans on portable electronic devices such as the iPad, Nook or Kindle during takeoffs and landings.Even smartphones may be allowed, but not for talking on the phone during the flight.Right now, passengers must shut off all electronic devices when the plane is below 10,000 feet.The worry is they might interfere with the plane’s electronics.But one passenger says if the pilots are using them "Then why can’t the passengers, if the pilots are it definitely makes you wonder," said Bates.Others aren’t too concerned and see the inconvenience as no big deal."Turning it off takes about 20 seconds, so better safe than sorry," said traveler Daniel Merser."The reality is I’d rather know we are providing measures that meet safety guidelines," said traveler Gregg Cherry.But with an estimated 40 million e readers and 60 million iPad owners by the end of the year, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood says this is an issue of consumer interest.The public has until the end of October to submit comments.In the meantime, the FAA has formed a committee to study the issue.Its recommendations aren’t expected until March 2013.From Our News PartnersCharleston shooting victim posted Snapchat from Bible study just before attackCan Brian Williams regain viewers’ trust?Who is Dylann Roof, Charleston church massacre suspect?Census may stop asking about your raceCalifornia lifeguards say drone that patrols for
discount ray bans sharks at shoreline ‘works great’News headlinesDriver confusion expected when express toll lanes open on I 405Get your security deposit back by knowing the lawNew technology may prevent Wash. drivers from crashingPartial government shutdown would affect thousands of jobsDriver confusion expected when express toll lanes open on I 405 MoreKIRO 7 WeatherWeatherKIRO 7 Interactive Doppler Radar5 Day ForecastAdvertisers and SponsorsFree ClassifiedsCars at AutotraderLocal Services at KudzuCoupons at Valpak.Articles Connexes:

Posted on June 23, 2015

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Fine Art

Fine Art is a broad based and highly practical programme. In addition students can opt for pathways in Applied Arts and in Curating, in Year 3. The core programme and its pathways share resources and teaching expertise, though with differing project outcomes. This makes for a dynamic working environment with great scope for the cross fertilisation of ideas and techniques.

The programme is designed to recognise individuality, encourage independence and enhance creative and technical expertise. Fine Art the briefs tend to be open ended and artist led, whereas Applied Arts projects are modelled as client focused design briefs. The Curating pathway provides students with skills in exhibition organization, management and curatorship. This provides potential curators and arts administrators with an understanding of every aspect of their business.

All staff are creative practitioners and place a high
discount ray bans priority on giving regular and sound tutorial support aimed at cultivating creative potential. We offer expertise
discount ray bans and facilities to support a range of materials: oil, ink, clay, glass, plastic, textiles, wood, metals, and stone. Students have the opportunity to gain skills in processes such as modelling, carving, throwing, casting, welding, etching, silkscreen, digital and lens based media. Individuals continue to work broadly or to focus their interests in one or two main areas such as painting, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking or digital art. In Applied Arts practice these extend further into illustration, functional ware, digital design and public art.

Studio teaching is complemented by contextual background in the history and theory of art, through lectures, seminars, tutorials, essays and discussions. Professional Practice modules are offered throughout the programmes. These allow students to develop entrepreneurial, presentation and IT skills and to document their technical skills, with the aim of preparing students for professional life after the degree.

View the 2015 Fine Art degree show website.

cheap ray bans 1 fosters the development of technical skills through dedicated studio practice and specialist workshops. Students will be encouraged work across all areas; drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking and digital art; learning new skills and developing existing ones. There is a great deal of scope for individual interpretation of project briefs along with close tutor guidance. The intensive drawing classes are both didactic and experimental. The theoretical dimension to the course introduces students to key themes, genres and mediums in Art History. The essay briefs encourage students both to develop their research skills and to think independently.

Year 2 students are encouraged to work in a more autonomous way, developing their own self directed briefs. Students may choose deepen their skills within one specialist area or broaden their skills across a number of disciplines. Didactic drawing teaching continues and becomes integrated into the students self directed practice. Theory sessions engage in concentrated readings and explore complex concerns in traditional and contemporary art, and research becomes more rigorous. Students will begin to present their work and ideas in a professional manner, both orally and through utilising digital media and networking.

Year 3 students will identify their pathways and have a clear idea of what interests them as practicing artists or curators. For Fine Art students and those on the Applied Arts pathway, the year culminates by bringing their studio practice to resolution in the professional presentation of a final exhibition. The Applied Arts pathway will design and make work for purpose, developing commercially viable outputs. Curating students design and facilitate an independent public facing external exhibition or event. Meanwhile they are refining their promotional skills, and preparing for their future careers or further study. The theoretical content of the programme is entirely directed by the student and their interests, through the writing of a Dissertation, with guidance in terms of methodology and close tutorial support.

Graduates gain employment in the creative industries and arts organisations; in galleries, arts and museum administration, education, charitable art foundations and community project work.

The programme is also designed to create capable and confident self employed artists and craftspeople; exhibiting and selling their work professionally. Initially, this is often alongside other employment in the visual arts or while undertaking a part time MA. As an undergraduate, students will have acquired a range of important transferable skills, particularly in communication, self motivation, analytical and problem solving skills that equip
discount ray bans them to enter other types of employment in both the commercial and public sectors where graduate attributes are sought.

The programme supports progression to postgraduate study, in particular the Department research based MA by Creative Project. A number of students each year go on to undertake a PGCE and have found employment in schools, colleges and universities. The programme provides appropriate support for progression to MAs in Curating or Art Therapy at other institutions and many students have gone on to pursue careers in these fields.

Transferable skills gained on your course:Critical awareness of self and external factors and the ability to be reflective

Interpersonal and social skills

An appreciation of diversityTeam working

The ability to work independently

Oral and written communicationInformation and research

IT, particularly using creative software

Download a fact sheet with more information about your career options with Fine Art.

In addition to the standard application process, candidates for admission to Single Honours are required to present a portfolio of artwork in a formal interview. The portfolio can comprise of work in any visual medium but should include some drawing. Large scale or three dimensional work can be shown through photographs. The portfolio should provide evidence of:Articles Connexes:

Posted on June 23, 2015

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A look at microbrewery laws being considered nationwide

Gov. Doug Ducey signed a bill Tuesday that allows microbreweries to make up to 6.2 million gallons of beer per year, removing the old limit of 1.2 million gallons. Under the previous rules, companies exceeding the limit were forbidden from operating restaurants. That is an issue for Arizona based Four Peaks Brewing Company, a growing player in the industry.

Wyoming lawmakers passed legislation in February allowing microbreweries to expand annual production from 15,000 to 50,000 barrels. It allows craft beer makers exceeding that 15,000 barrel limit to continue selling on site and distribute their product themselves. Larger brewers cannot distribute their products in state.

North Dakota recently passed a law in March allowing microbreweries to have multiple taproom licenses, instead of just one. Microbreweries may produce no more than 25,000 barrels of malt beverages a year combined at all locations. That about 50,000 kegs, or 775,000 gallons, of beer.

Montana lawmakers in February defeated a proposal to allow craft brewers with a tasting room to raise production from 10,000 to 60,000 barrels annually. They defeated another bill that would have allowed brewers to own up to three retail licenses. A new bill would further bolster the business by letting customers visiting the brewery buy beer to take home. However, a separate bill this session would cut the number of barrels microbrewers are allowed to self distribute to restaurants, grocery stores and other retailers from 40,000 barrels per year to 5,000. That effort comes after lawmakers lowered cap from 75,000 annual barrels to 40,000 per year last session.

The Florida Legislature appears poised to pass a bill that would legalize 64 ounce refillable beer jugs or which are legal in most states. Florida already allows quart and gallon growlers, but the popular half gallon became a pawn in a battle over the complex laws regulating brewing and the sale of beer.

Lawmakers are poised to pass a bill that designed to help small craft breweries grow by allowing them to team up with bigger companies to keep their operating costs down. Under the bill, large breweries would be able
fake ray bans to lend their manufacturing space and equipment to as many as nine small companies. Currently, a large brewery can only host one small company.

California, home to Sierra Nevada, has long been friendly to craft breweries, leaving brewers with smaller legislative goals.
cheap ray ban outlet Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill last year allowing vendors to sell packaged beer at farmers markets, and a follow up bill this year would also allow beer tasting. In 2013, Brown signed a bill allowing craft brewers to refill customers jugs, known as growlers, while enjoying his own drink at the Track 7 taproom in Sacramento.

A bill to expand the availability of growlers is moving through the Missouri Legislature. The measure would allow convenience and grocery stores to sell growlers, which currently are only found at breweries or specialty bars.

Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin signed a bill that allows brewers to give out samples at their breweries. When the law takes effect in June, it will allow many businesses to be able to sell up to four growlers of beer per person per day, including brewers, brewpubs, retailers and
fake ray bans bars. Currently, only brewpubs are allowed to sell growlers.

The Georgia House and Senate have passed different versions of a law expanding the state tight restrictions on craft beer sales but lawmakers seem unlikely to grant brewers request for direct sales. The latest bill, approved by the House and subject to Senate approval, would allow breweries to provide up to 36 ounces in tastings of beer on site or up to 72 ounces to take home but eliminated brewpubs that serve food. The bill also allows liquor
discount ray bans distilleries to give take home bottles as a tour souvenir.Articles Connexes: