About 3D FLIC

Bringing together a uniquely interdisciplinary team of scientists, filmmakers and industry leaders 3D FLIC (3D Film Innovation Consortium) bridges fundamental research in stereoscopic perception with the development of stereoscopic 3D film language and production, while building the capacity of the S3D production clusters in the Greater Toronto Area.

Initiated by York University’s Faculty of Fine Arts, the 3D Film Innovation Consortium brings together a uniquely interdisciplinary team of scientists, creators and industry leaders to solidify Toronto’s place in the international S3D arena.

The current 3D FLIC Steering Committee members are:

Robert Allison
York University Computer Science & Engineering
Professor, Vision Researcher and 3D FLIC Lead
Christos Alex. Giotis
3D FLIC Project Director
Rob Burton
VP Technology Arc Productions
Michael Drabot
General Manager Production Services Toronto
John Helliker
Professor, Sheridan College,
Screen Industry Research and Training
Ali Kazimi
York University Film Professor
and lead 3D FLIC filmmaker
Martin Lord
Business Development Manager
Ontario Centres of Excellence Inc.
Wes Liu
Computer Animation Studios of Ontario
Kenneth MacNeil
President Creative Post
Jim Mirkopoulos
VP Cinespace Film Studios
Hugh Murray
Senior Vice President Film Production
IMAX Filmed Entertainment
Paul Salvini
Chief Technology Officer,
Christie Digital
Cristin Barghiel
Director of Product Development
Side Effects Software Inc.
Anna Serrano
CFC Media Lab director
Nell Tenhaaf
York University Fine Arts Professor,
James Weyman
Manager, Industry Initiatives Ontario
Media Development Corporation
Bill White
CEO 3D Camera Company
Laurie Wilcox
York University Psychology Professor,
Vision Researcher
Richard Grunberg
Professor Ryerson University

3D FLIC Partners (Phase 2)

Funded by

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