Masterclasses and Keynotes
Co-presented by TIFF at Cinema 2, TIFF Bell Lightbox

Saturday June 11, 2011 – 5pm
Masterclass with Wim Wenders*

Internationally renowned filmmaker Wim Wenders, who has made masterpieces such as Wings of Desire, Paris, Texas and the Cuban music documentary Buena Vista Social Club, presented his latest documentary PINA, a 3D dance film that is a tribute to the legendary German contemporary dancer and choreographer Pina Bausch, at this year’s Berlin Film Festival in February. As Wenders explains: “The two-dimensional cinema screen is simply not capable of capturing Pina Bausch’s work, either emotionally or aesthetically. When I watched her dance for the first time twenty-five years ago, I was captivated and deeply moved. I was able to understand human movement, gestures and feelings in a whole new way. And this magic is what I would like to translate to the screen […] 3D gives us the possibility of taking the audience directly onto the stage, into the middle of the event.” Showing excerpts from the film, Wenders will present a case study on PINA and discuss the creative possibilities that 3D technologies open up for filmmakers.

Sunday June 12, 2011 – 7:30pm
Masterclass with Peter Anderson, ASC

3D 101 with Peter Anderson, ASC. A real world overview of filming in 3D. This one hour masterclass will discuss practical concerns in 3D filming and 3D rigs. It will include 3D Production Clips and 3D Subtitles, plus 3D Sticks the Tutorial.

Monday June 13, 2011 – 3:30pm
Keynote by Thomas Elsaesser

The Return of 3D: Revolution, Retrenchment or Panic Reaction?
“It is generally assumed that Hollywood’s massive push of 3D over the past two years is a response to the intensified competition from rival media platforms and in order to raise the bar for piracy and other forms of copyright infringements. This paper will argue for a more complex – and contradictory – sets of agendas, where the traditional interest in spatial vision among avant-garde artists and filmmakers, the industrial uses of 3D and the objectives of mainstream cinema overlap, interact and cross each other, suggesting that some of the underlying issues around 3D require a wider horizon of analysis, in order to become comprehensible.”

Monday June 13, 2011 – 7:00pm
Masterclass with Catherine Owens

Seeing. “When a person tells you something or shows you something, how do you ‘see’ what they mean?” Drawing from contemporary art practices, this masterclass challenges the assumptions of how we experience what we see, introducing creators to the nuances of directing 3D.

Tuesday June 14, 2011 – 9:00am
Keynote by Graeme Ferguson
At the Scotiabank IMAX Theatre after Hubble 3D

Graeme Ferguson has been enjoying 3D films for 60 years, starting with Norman McLaren’s Around Is Around. Later he was a participant in the development of IMAX Corporation’s film-based 3D projection systems, including IMAX 3D and IMAX Solido, as well as the Solido and 30 perf cameras. His team’s IMAX 3D films have done boffo box office. Ferguson will provide some observations, and will hazard a prediction or two about the future of 3D.

*Wim Wenders and Gian-Piero Ringel are guests of the Goethe-Institut Toronto and the OMDC

Hate incidents in URentals Racism Ku Klux Klan Crime National Government HomicideBOGALUSA, La. three weeks after Americans elected their first black president amid a wave of interracial good feeling, a spasm of noose hangings, racist graffiti, vandalism and death threats is convulsing dozens of towns across the country as white extremists lash out at cheap nfl jerseys from china the new political order. Racist Web sites are boasting that their servers are crashing under the weight of exponential increases in page views.

Nation WorldRace in AmericaSee all related8 Even more ominously, America’s most potent symbol of racial hatred Ku Klux Klan begun to reassert itself, emerging from decades of disorganization and obscurity in a spate of recent violence.

Two weeks ago, the leader of a Klan cell based in this backwoods town once known as the Klan capital of the nation was charged with second degree murder for allegedly shooting to death an aspiring member who tried to back out of an initiation ceremony.

Late last month, two suspected skinheads with ties to a notoriously violent Klan chapter in Kentucky were charged in a bizarre plot to kill 88 black students and then assassinate Obama by shooting him from a speeding car while wearing white tuxedos and top hats.

“We’ve seen everything from cross burnings on lawns of interracial couples to effigies of Obama hanging from nooses to unpleasant exchanges in schoolyards,” said Mark Potok, director of the Intelligence Project at the Southern Poverty Law Center, based in Montgomery, Ala. “I think we’re in a worrying situation right now, a perfect storm of conditions coming together that could easily favor the continued growth of these groups.”

Among the factors experts say are contributing to white supremacist anxieties: The rapidly worsening economic crisis; demographic trends indicating that whites will cease to compose a majority of Americans within a generation; and the impending arrival of a black family in the White House.

The FBI is investigating the recent Klan related incidents to determine wholesale jerseys the extent of any possible conspiracies. And the Secret Service is monitoring the apparent sudden surge in hate incidents “to try to stay ahead of any emerging threats,” according to spokesman Darrin Blackford in Washington.

Even some white supremacist leaders who describe themselves as moderates say they are alarmed.

“There is a tremendous backlash” to Obama’s election, said Richard Barrett, the leader of the Nationalist Movement, a white supremacist group based in Learned, Miss. “My focus is to try to keep it peaceful. But many people look at the flag of the Republic of New Africa that will be hoisted over the White House as an act of war.”

The FBI, which tracks hate crimes across the country, has no figures yet for 2008. But already, wholesale cheap jerseys based on local media reports across the country, some experts are calling the rise in hate incidents surprising and unprecedented.

“The rhetoric right now is just about out of control,” said Brian Levin, director of Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University in San Bernardino. “When you get this depth of hatred, it usually is the smoke before the fire.”

In the small Louisiana town of Angie, 58 year old Judy Robinson decided to place an Obama campaign sign outside her home a few weeks before the election. On the morning after Halloween, she awoke to find the words “KKK” and “white power” spray painted around her yard.

“I thought all that KKK stuff was in the past,” said Robinson, an African American home health care worker. “But now I look at people and think, ‘Could he be Klan?’ Suddenly I’m feeling like my town is hostile territory.”

Experts acknowledge that modern Klan chapters remain isolated and small, with perhaps 6,000 members nationwide shadow of the group’s membership of 4 million in the early 20th Century.

But the recent events in Bogalusa, a lumber and paper mill town of about 13,000 just down the road from Robinson’s home in Angie, are giving them pause.

Historians say that the Ku Klux Klan so dominated Bogalusa’s commerce, politics and law enforcement in the 1960s that the group once held a public meeting to debate which black church to burn down next.

Several Bogalusa Klan members were long suspected of shooting two black sheriff’s deputies in a 1965 ambush, killing one and wounding the other. But no one was ever brought to trial for the crimes.

“To this day, most white people in Bogalusa know who the killers were, and they were never brought to justice,” said Lance Hill, a Tulane University law professor and Klan expert.

Now that grim history is lurching back to life.

On Nov. Tammany Parish to participate in an initiation ceremony. He has been charged with second degree murder; the alleged accomplices, including Foster’s 20 year old son, have been charged with obstruction of justice.

Bogalusa officials insist they had no idea any Klan cells were still active in their community.

“I’ve been here 13 years, and this was a complete surprise to me that there was Klan here,” said Jerry Agnew, the town’s police chief.

Yet the house on Louisiana Avenue that Foster was renting is owned by a Bogalusa deputy sheriff. And leaders of Bogalusa’s black community, which makes up 41 percent of the town’s population, said they’ve been reporting Klan sightings to the local police for more than a year.

In October 2007, residents of one black neighborhood said they witnessed white hooded Klan members on horseback riding cheap jerseys through their streets. And last March, Klan members openly handed out fliers in town advertising the second annual “Sons of Dixie Knights of the Ku Klux Klan Craw Fish Boil” held at the house Foster was renting.

“The city leaders want to make it look like this is just some small fringe group,” said Marvin Austin, 61, a former city councilman who was once a member of a black self defense group, the Deacons for Defense, that formed in the 1960s to defend black Bogalusa residents from the Klan. “But the Klan still has a lot of sympathizers here.”.Articles Connexes:

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