Toronto International Stereoscopic 3D Conference Team

Programming commitee

Juana Awad
Project Director
Dr. Janine Marchessault
Canada Research Chair, Digital Media,
Future Cinema Lab, York University
Sandra Obradovic, PhD Candidate
Communications and Culture
York / Ryerson University
Bill White
3D Camera Company
Rob Burton
VP Image Technology
Arc Productions
Kenneth MacNeil
Creative Post
Jim Mirkopoulos
Vice President
Cinespace Film Studios
Ana Serrano
CFC Media Lab
Nell Tenhaaf
Visual Arts professor
3D FLIC Project Lead
York University
Ali Kazimi
Filmmaker, Future Cinema Lab
York University
Dr. Rob Allison
Centre for Vision Research
Computer Science, Engineering Professor
York University
Dr. Laurie Wilcox
Centre for Vision Research
Psychology, York University

Organization and Artistic Direction

Juana Awad
Janine Marchessault
Sanja Obradovic

Industry Stream Co-direction

Christos Giotis

Media Relations

Amy Stewart

Graphic Art Direction

Patricio Davila, PhD Candidate

Design Team

Chris Ivanovs
Tim Bettridge
Maggie Chan
Guia Camille Gali


Justin Edward Lake

Volunteers (Stereoscopic 3D Graduate Students)

Andrea Carey
Carly Hylton
Emily Charles-Donels
Inna Tsirlin, PhD Candidate
Natalia Bogdan
Karim Benzeroual
Rita Vinnikov, PhD Candidate
Sidrah Laldin
Tara Pahlevan
Guillermina Buzio

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