3D FLIC does not finance productions, although it supports them through equipment and technical expertise in kind contributions. S3D film productions are carried out under the rubric of 3D FLIC for their participation in the cyclical process of scientific research and creation.


LOVE BIRDS (in production)

S3D live action and CGI integrated short. Produced by Starz Animation in association with York University, with the support of Cinespace Film Studios.

Following in the comic tradition of Starz’ prior award-winning shorts, this heartfelt piece follows the antics of a hapless romantic young bird and his first experience in the competitive and complex world of dating.  In his desperate attempts to woo the voluptuous bird of his desires, he is upstaged and out-winged by a hunky bird with all the right moves.  Our young romantic’s love nest is trashed and his dreams are dashed.  Will our fine-feathered hero ever find love again?  Or, is it possible that when he gives up trying and lets his guard down at last, that love will find him?



HAZARDOUS (in post- production)
S3D live action dramatic short

Directed and produced by Ali Kazimi, with the support of the Ontario Arts Council

This timely dramatic short follows Zak, a regular youth who unawarely gets entangled in the web of fear and suspicion behind terror plots. On this day the ordinary stuff becomes extraordinary.

D Laser Scanner Makes Haunting Works of ArtTwo historians on a mission to preserve historic structures in Ethiopia inadvertently turned a cutting edge 3 D scanning device into a tool for creating works of art.Lidar technology uses pulses of laser light to map the contours of 3 D surfaces and structures.

For example, 2 D photographs can capture the major features of a landscape, but lidar reveals every dip, ditch and rise. It shows the full size of boulders, the depth of canyons. Some lidar technologies can see through foliage, wholesale jerseys and have been used wholesale jerseys outlet to hunt for lost cities buried in the jungle.

NASA Creating 3 D Map Of Earth’s Forests

Similarly, 2 D photographs of sculptures and frescoes lose an entire dimension of the art work it would be like photographing a Van Gogh painting in black and white.

Lidar is used extensively in the oil and gas industry for surveying landscapes, but its list of uses is expanding.

Currently, lidar devices are too slow to image moving objects, like people; but when Charles Matz and Jonathan Michael Dillon went to Ethiopia to take 3 D scans of the city’s historic structures, they ended up also scanning images of the people who live there today. The results are beautiful and haunting representations of the people living in this historic city.

The city of Harar, Ethiopia, is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site and is considered the fourth holiest city of the Muslim religion, after Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem. The city contains many historic structures, such as the five gates of Harar that once served as entrances to the city’s different neighborhoods. But the gates were built out of mud brick in the 1500s, and today are crumbling, along with many other pieces of the city’s historic architecture.

While it would take a small fortune to physically preserve or restore the city’s crumbling structures, Matz and Dillon wanted to at least preserve them digitally.

3 D Imaging Reveals Details Of Volcanic Flows

Matz had already created 3 D scans of frescoes at the Scuola Grande di San Rocco in Italy. The scans, unlike optical photographs, preserve the contours and depth of those structures.

The team worked with the Regional Governorate of Harari State on a project to scan many of the city’s structures with lidar.

According to the National Ocean Service, lidar stands for light detection and ranging, although some sources say the word was created as a combination of the words “light” and “radar.”

The lidar technology used by Matz and Dillon is based on a simple idea: a device about the size of a microwave sends out individual pulses of laser light. A pulse hits a surface, bounces off it and returns to the box. The detector in the box measures the time it took the pulse of light to return, or it’s time of flight. The time of flight of each pulse is what the software then uses to determine how far away an object is, which helps build a 3 D map of the structure.

After the first cheap wholesale jerseys scan, the device is then moved to a different location in the same area, and once again sends out millions of laser pulses. Sometimes the laser source is moved multiple times in the same area, which increases the 3 D resolution of the scan. Combining multiple scans of the same area creates a fully 3 D image that can be rotated and studied from different angles.

Lost City May Lurk In Honduras Rain Forest

“You can explore the virtual model the computer move around in it, walk around in it,” Matz said.

Different types of lidar exist for different purposes. Those used by the oil and gas industry are operated from an aircraft, and are used to create detailed maps of the contours of a landscape. Lidar has been used to study cities and landscapes following earthquakes and other natural disasters. In some cases, this can help geologists understand how earthquake faults behave.

Other lidar devices can be focused on very small details, like finding imperfections and defects in structures that need to be structurally perfect. Lidar devices used in aerospace engineering, for example, can create such precise images that they can reveal a hairline crack in a jet engine.

In crime scene forensics, lidar once again offers a more detailed alternative to 2 D pictures and helps prevent contamination of crime scenes. Specialized software packages make it possible to use lidar to identify blood spatter or bullet trajectories, and to gauge the heights of witnesses or suspects.

Lidar technology originated in the 1960s. NASA used lidar during the Apollo 17 mission in 1972 to image the surface of the moon. But Matz said it has only recently become more accessible to nonindustrial users, through lower cost scanning units and scanning units that can be leased, not bought.

Matz and Dillon went to Harar in 2011, and with the help of the Regional Governorate, began scanning the city’s historic structures.

“Harar is off the beaten track and in a remote part of eastern Ethiopia,” Matz wrote in an email. “It is a market crossroads in an agricultural region. It is ancient still in its mannerism and exchanges.”

The areas of Harar visited by Matz and Dillon often hosted markets where people were selling food and goods out of stalls, or off blankets on the ground. Each morning, a group of governorate personnel would arrive and clear people out of the area that Matz and Dillon were surveying.

Snowshoes And Math Create Frozen Art: Photos

“One day they were late, and we went out anyway and started to scan while the market was still going,” Metz said.

In the images that the team captured, the people are blurry and often look as though they were sketched with vertical pencil lines the shapes of their bodies are apparent, but their features are lost. Each lidar scan takes about 9 seconds, and two to three scans are needed to get a 3 D map.

If a person moves before the lidar device is done collecting the light, the laser pulses will bounce off their faces or bodies multiple times, so that multiple reflections are captured by the device and added to the image. It gives the impression of movement and impermanence, set against the buildings, which look steady and unmoving.

Harar is a colorful city: the buildings are painted in bright blues, while the women wear vibrantly colored fabric in yellows, reds and purples. But in the lidar images, these bright colors stand out against smooth, unnaturally black backgrounds. This is where the laser pulses have traveled out into space and never encounter a surface to bounce off cheap authentic jerseys of, so the machine receives no data about those areas.Articles Connexes:

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