Prof. Development

Over the next two years, 3D FLIC will plan and implement a series of master classes, best practices workshops and academic/industry symposia to support the development of the S3D production sector.

Latest sessions:

3D Flic Presents a Workshop on “When and Why Should I consider 2D to 3D Conversion?”

Toronto’s 3D Film Innovation Consortium (3DFLIC) presents top industry experts and scientists on March 26, 2013 discussing and debating the hottest topic in contemporary Stereo-3D cinema: “When and Why Should I consider 2D to 3D Conversion?” This intimate forum will provide a unique opportunity students, professionals and academics to learn from and interact with leaders and pioneers in the world of stereoscopic filmmaking and scientists and engineers developing the next generation of 3D filmmaking techniques. For further information and registration details please visit:

3D Flic hosted workshop on High Frame Rate S3D

3D Flic is hosted an exciting and informative workshop on the challenges and opportunities of High Frame Rate stereoscopic cinema. The workshop will be held at the facilities of 3D Flic partner SIRT and features High Frame Rate content and demos using projection equipment from partner Christie Digital.

3D FLIC & CFC MEDIA LAB present a session in the industry series at the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival:


SAT, NOV 10 | 2:30 PM – 4:00 PM | Jackman Hall AGO (317 Dundas Street West) | FREE | Open to the public

How can 3D be used to further storytelling with independent budget constraints? This type of filmmaking technology demands a fresh breed of director to harness unprecedented levels of creativity and resourcefulness. The rich possibilities of 3D filmmaking on a budget will spur lively discussion on visionary filmmaking that incorporates technology to extraordinary effect. 3D examples will be shown.

With: Park Hong-Min, Director (A Fish); Ali Kazimi (3D Flic); Laurie Wilcox (3D Flic)


3D for Indie Filmmakers Workshop June 2012: Munro Ferguson from the NFB led this 3DFlic sponsored Master Class offered by the CFC. The CFC hosted the class at the the Reel Asian‘s 3D for Indie Filmmakers Workshop.

Panels, masterclasses, lectures and screenings at the Toronto International Stereoscopic 3D Conference, June 11 – 14, 2011 at TIFF Bell Lightbox

Masterclass with Wim Wenders
Masterclass with Peter Anderson
Masterclass with Catherine Owens
Lecture with Thomas Elsaesser
Premium talk by Graeme Ferguson

Consortium members and researchers also present, participate in and support knowledge sharing activities including:

  • Stereoscopic Displays and Applications XXII (San Francisco, January 2011)
  • Gimme Some Truth Masterclass (Winnipeg, October 2010)
  • 3D 4U TIFF 3D Panel (Toronto, September 2010)
  • SMPTE NY (New York, July 2010)
  • Alberta 3D Ready (Banff, June 2010)
  • NFB 3D sessions (Montréal, June 2010)
  • Worldwide Short Film Festival 3D panel presentation (Toronto, May 2010)
  • SMPTE Bootcamp (Toronto, May 2010)